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Regenerative hand massage techniques rank among the most popular relaxing methods. That is why we prepared for you the best offer of regenerative and relaxing hand massages. You are hereby heartily welcome to our beautiful new spa to try the superb procedures. Meet us soon and let us nurse yourselves.

Interior O3 Spa Interior O3 Spa Interior O3 Spa Interior O3 Spa Interior O3 Spa

Come and select from our massage offer:

45 min health regenerative herb back massage

(… Let your body revive and relax you back muscles by our thorough care and regenerative effects of fragrant herbs …)

CZK 400

45 min health regenerative herb neck massage

(… Any and all burdens, worries or pains will leave your tired neck thanks to herbs and gentle precision care …)

CZK 400

90 min health regenerative herb back massage

(… Restore power and flexibility in your body and feel genuine joy of life! This thorough massage will enable you to get rid of a good deal of your fatigue and worries …)

CZK 550

120 min luxurious nursing whole-body massage with natural extracts selected by the customer

(… Ask for all - you will get all … After thorough fragrant whole-body massage during which you will have a perfect rest, you will leave us as a new man or woman …)

CZK 750

30 min rejuvenating regenerative face massage with ozone cosmetics

(… Regenerative ozone and angelic care of gentle massage will give your face a charming bright young countenance ...)

CZK 250

40 min regenerative head calming massage

(… Let yourself nurse by reflexive therapy; headache and fatigue will vanish to leave you in pure joy and savour of nice experience ...)

CZK 300

60 min luxurious herb foot massage

(... After this massage you will feel an impetus to fly! Let your feet experience this joy and they will reward you ... You don’t believe?)

CZK 450

Classic medical massage

The classic massage is one of the manual relaxing techniques with instant effect not only on physical but also mental condition of the massaged person. The masseur always considers the individual problems and physical disposition of the massaged person based on which the sequence and types of the different touches are customized.

For instance, an experience masseur applies more delicate and gentle touches with clients suffering headache caused by various illnesses while more firm and hard touches are used by him or her to remove accumulated fatigue substances (lactic acid) which are deposited in muscles at hard work or exhausting sports training or performance.

The massage not only relaxes the massaged muscles removing laxity, stiffness and pain from them but brings also overall physical and mental relaxation to the client.

The classic massage can be made on whole body or only on the parts of body where pain is felt such as neck and back.

The massage is accompanied by aroma therapy and music therapy and massage oils with selectable essential additives.



Reflexive massage

Reflexive massage is a very fine and relaxing massage. It is a gentle and efficient technique which activates the organism’s natural healing forces and contributes to restoration of the physical and mental balance.
Body cures itself - if it has the opportunity. The reflexive zone therapy provides a fundamental base for prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Gentle reflexive massage and compression of the relevant points brings a relief from pain, acceleration of energy flow in body and incites a feeling of peace and harmony.
Pressing or smoothing of the reflexive facets enables to identify the cause of many problems because an organ-function disorder results in a change in sensitivity and pain and also in the respective projection area.
The subsequent massage and gentle pressure can remarkably reduce or even eliminate the identified problems. This treatment makes the body more resistant and better balanced which helps maintain mental and physical harmony.


Reflexive massage effects

Techniques applied in massages

Music therapy, aroma therapy and gentle care of receptive therapist are integral constituents of each massage procedure.

Towel ...

We offer complimentary towel (10 CZK/ pc), robe (30 CZK/ pc) and also the possibility to buy slippers for 35 CZK/ pc. To book, please call or come to the spa reception desk.


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