O3 Lázně - Ozone first spa in the Czech Republic

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Opening hours:

Mo - Fr

12.00 - 20.00



Phone: 725 060 773

E-mail: info@o3-lazne.cz

Rothschild Palace

You will find us at the following address:

O3 Lázně - ROTHSCHILD Palace
Mírové náměstí 160/2
703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 725 060 773
E-mail: info@o3-lazne.cz

O3 Lázně Ostrava
is located in the rear part of
ROTHSCHILD Palace building in Ostrava-Vítkovice.

If arriving by car it can be recommended to park the car at the big car park in courtyard close to O3 Lázní entrance.
The car park is used FOR FREE by our customers.

If arriving by tram No. 2, 3, 12, 13 or 19, get off at “Mírové náměstí” stop just in front of the access to the premises.

Book your visit now!

The curative therapy duration is 45 min. We start at 12:00 AM with the first customer and the following therapies start in 15 min intervals. The last customer is admitted at 07:00 PM.

Your visit can be ordered 24 hours before its start at the latest. An ordered visit can be cancelled 3 hours before its start at the latest.

You can book your visit in the following ways:

    In case of booking via internet you must register yourself at first after which you will receive a password by e-mail through which you can log in the booking system. Then you can book your visits.
  2. By phone at No. +420 725 060 773 (reception desk).
  3. At O3 Lázně reception deskat our address

You can also visit our Sir Percy restaurant, Matt Black wine bar or Pirates shop.

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