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OZONE THERAPY in Smith Mark III ozone steam box

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Ozone therapy is one of the most efficient relaxing and regenerative procedures available in our country at present. Wet heat is more skin friendly than dry heat. Wet heat softens the skin by opening pores for sweating stimulation thereby removing toxins from the body. Ozone than penetrates the skin, capillaries and veins through the open pores in recommended concentrations. Ozone then helps strengthen (in transdermal form) the immunity system of organism and oxygen level in cells, tissue and organs which contributes to health improvement and good feeling.

The relaxing and regenerative ozone therapy has remarkable positive effect on the condition of our organism particularly in the following areas:

What is ozone and how does it help

In nature, ozone is generated by action of ultraviolet beams in stratosphere creating protective filter against UV radiation, by electrical discharges from thunder in thunder-storm and by photochemical reaction of exhaust gases. It is also produced by devices known as ozone generators.

Meaning of the word “ozonotherapy”

After a thunder-storm each of us can feel a distinctive flavour and perceive the purity of atmosphere. The nature is refreshed and we feel better, relaxed. The environment has been saturated with ozone, a gas with characteristic smell. These favourable conditions were caused by a three-atom oxygen molecule – ozone (chemical formula O3) which was discovered in 1785. It is a very unstable colourless gas which decomposes rapidly. Its investigation showed outstanding antivirus, antibacteria and antimycotic effects on human organism. It has biochemical effects in case of immunity disorders and supports blood circulation in organism. Ozone releases energy and contributes to regeneration after physical and psychical exhaustion. Ozone effects on human organism have been proved in laboratory studies and verified by clinical tests.

Effect of ozone, active oxygen on human organism

A sound human organism is an outcome of a proper function of entire complex of cell systems. The proper function of the cell systems depends on proper function of individual cells. The cells of our organism are known to be damaged by stress, polluted environment, nutrition, diseases and many other factors. The damaged cells undergo changes in enzyme mechanisms responsible for energy systems and mechanisms protecting against excessive oxidation and free radicals at cell level. The most effective way to eliminate the problems is stimulation and regeneration of natural enzyme mechanisms at cell level. Elimination of the problems through substitution by natural or synthetic vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes or coenzymes often leads to impairment of the natural enzyme cell cycle.

History of ozone application in therapeutical practice in our country and beyond

The three-atom oxygen molecule was discovered in 1785. In 1840 this gas was called according to Greek word “ozein” - to emit fragrance - ozone. The first ozone generators date back to 1857. As early as in 1915 ozone was tried as an antiseptic for the first time by A. Wolff. Its therapeutical application began after 1916 when the first medical ozone generator was designed. In 1940 the first ozonotherapy instruction book was issued in Germany followed by foundation of German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy providing a medical umbrella for this therapy form. In 1972 international Medical Ozone Society was established. Further development was fostered by long-term findings obtained in the application, theoretical explanation of ozone effect at molecular level and, last but not least, search for new therapeutical procedures to liquidate resistant viruses, bacteria and moulds because we are running short of arms against them. The ozone application in medicine is controlled by International Ozone Association. There are only seven ozonotherapy providers in our country while in Germany the ozonotherapy is offered by some 4000 facilities. The British Queen Mother is often heard saying with intentional exaggeration that this procedure will secure her eternal youth. We do not consider this procedure as an elixir of youth but based on the feedback from our customers we know that ozonotherapy contributes to the improvement of their quality of life.

Indication area in therapeutical practice

Surgery, orthopedy, neurology, rehabilitation, pain treatment, infectious medicine, stomatology, cardiology, urology, gynaecology, oncology, diabetology, dermatology, imunology, geriatry, sports medicine.

Ozone influences almost all

Thanks to its properties, ozone has a wide variety of positive effects. It supports blood circulation in all tissues including brain and peripheral nerves, has bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects and also helps against chronic and intracellular infections. Its properties can be used in case of autoimune disorders, allergies, oncologic patients and physical and psychical exhaustion.
As an oxidant ten times stronger than oxygen, ozone oxidizes many substances which are inert to oxygen at normal conditions. The gaseous ozone-oxygen mix at both low and high concentrations positively influences blood circulation in tissues, disintegrates bacteria, viruses and moulds, significantly positively influences immunity and nervous systems and delivers great amount of energy to cells. The ozone therapy can be used in cosmetics, against wrinkles, acne and cellulitis and to recover skin flexibility. A very interesting ozone therapy application is treatment of wounds and burns. Also in this case the ozone procedure can be efficiently combined with the application of vitamins, antioxidants, Q1O coenzyme or complete range of ozone cosmetics.

Specifics of ozone action

Ozone (O3) is a colourless gas with characteristic smell. Its molecule consists of three oxygen atoms. It is ten times better soluble in water than oxygen (02) so it better penetrates the tissues at local administration and relatively quickly decomposes in the tissues. The oxygen produced and energy released in this process can be used directly for cellular reactions of the tissues. Apart from the disinfection effect the ozone administration thus helps initiate the healing process. Signs of better blood circulation in tissues after the local ozone administration are recorded.

Literature indicates that ozone improves flow properties, eliminates hooking-up, improves flexibility and increases surface area of red blood cells allowing them to transfer more oxygen to periphery. Enzymes contributing to decomposition of peroxides and radicals are activated. Ozone also modifies intracellular breathing.

Ozone therapy contraindication

The ozonotherapy is recommended against in case of:

Prices for ozone sauna visits

1 therapy CZK 700
10 therapy CZK 5,000
12 therapy CZK 6,000

Ozone Sauna Rules ( More info ... )

  1. These Rules are binding on all ozone sauna visitors.
  2. The visitor shall leave his or her suit and shoes in the locker room.
  3. It is prohibited to smoke in all sauna premises.
  4. The visitor is obliged to properly wash under shower with soap before the sauning.
  5. The visitor shall be naked / wear bathing suit or dressing gown for all the sauning cycle from his or hear leaving the lock room up to the end of the procedure (including the stay in the lounge) for hygienic and physiologic reasons. He or she shall maintain good hygiene by using a towel or other appropriate fabric as a pad when sitting on the adjustable and washable sauna seat, lounge sofa and lock room sofa.
  6. The visitor shall walk barefooted or wear his or her own slippers in all sauna areas. The slippers shall be pulled off before the entrance into the sauna box.
  7. The visitor shall not eat during the sauning procedure. Drinks shall be provided by the sauna staff. The visitor shall behave correctly and discretely with others.
  8. Children are allowed to take sauna only at the presence of an adult.
  9. The sauning procedure is supervised by trained staff by whom the visitor shall be made familiar with the procedure. After the sauning procedure completion the staff shall assist the visitor when leaving the sauna box. Antislip pad on the floor is provided. The visitor’s safety is also reinforced by handles attached to the floor and on both sides of each sauna box. After the procedure completion the visitor shall be instructed to have a rest in a special area.
  10. It is prohibited to bring any glass vessels into the sauna.
  11. The bath in sauna is provided for people with good health. Each visitor uses the bath at his or her own risk.
  12. Persons who have not visited any sauna are recommended to consult a doctor.
  13. The use of bath in sauna is prohibited to persons suffering obvious symptoms of acute disease (fever, cough, reddish conjunctiva, malaise, infectious inflammation of upper airways, myocardial infarction, uncompensated or uncured high blood pressure, uncompensated thyroid gland function disorder, etc.), persons with illnesses exciting aversion of others (rash, open purulent or bleeding wounds, etc.), intestinal disease bacilli carriers as well as members of families with other member suffering any infectious disease (quarantine).
  14. Intoxicated persons are prohibited to enter the sauna.
  15. A visitor experiencing any injury or discomfort during the bath shall ask the sauna staff for help in the treatment. If ambulance car must be called it will be called by the staff (if this cannot be done by the visitor) who shall also assist in administering the first aid.
  16. A visitor suffering injury or discomfort shall wait for the arrival of doctor, if necessary.


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