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Effect of sauna on human organism

Sauna has effect on a number of bodily organs such as skin, cardiovascular system, neurovegetative system, movement apparatus and, importantly, airways and psychics. In case of psychics it releases and relieves tension, reduces distress and aggressiveness and stimulates. Regular sauna taking also supports physical performance, particularly on the second day after sauning. In case of airways the sauna bath accelerates the removal of mucus with trapped microbes, increases the generation of protective substances (type A immunoglobin) on mucous membrane and releases smooth muscles improving breathing.

Interior of sauna Interior of sauna Interior of sauna Interior of sauna Interior of sauna Interior of saunaInterior of sauna Interior of sauna Interior of sauna

Sauna effects

Sauning is a supportive procedure. The sauna bath as a physical means can contribute to the support of the organism's protective forces. This was manifested at the seasonal occurrence of upper airways disease of virus origin. The importance of sauna consists in the strengthening of the organism's protective forces as a result of the organism reacting to a heat stimulus. The effect achieved in children by sauna in many families and nursery schools known since several decades makes sauna an outstanding preventative means in this respect.
The positive sauna effect can be observed particularly on children suffering respiratory diseases and asthmatics. Based on the experience showing a decrease of airways diseases of virus origin and lower number of associated complications in adults, regular sauning was incorporated in the children’s health protection programmes especially in day-care centres and nursery schools a long time ago. Immediate effect of each regular cycle (with 1, 2 or 3 runs) on children, just like adults, includes action of antistress hormones, excretion of excessive sodium chloride and retuning of vegetative nervous system important for the improvement of various life functions (appetite for meal, good sleep, functional changes in heart and blood vessel activity). The most important long-term effect is increase of level of type A immunoglobin found on airways mucous membrane which prevents microbe penetration. Its level does not decrease before the 7th day after sauning which is a good reason for taking a sauna weekly.

FINNISH sauna price CZK 150 / person + CZK 10 for towel
Sauna capacity: 8 persons

Towel ...

We offer complimentary towel (10 CZK/ pc), robe (30 CZK/ pc) and also the possibility to buy slippers for 35 CZK/ pc. To book, please call or come to the spa reception desk.

Age limits for sauna

The upper age limit for starting sauna taking is 60 years mainly because of increasing risk of vascular system and heart diseases. The lower age limit is set to a time from which children are capable of taking sauna in terms of mobility and thermoregulation stability, i.e. generally at about three years of age.

Time limits for sauna

For adults, 8 - 15 min period and for children 3 - 8 min period are recommended. The limits for cooling are 2 min cooling with water, 5 min cooling with cool air at rest and 20 min at movement. For children, an indication to leave the cold space is tremor and bluish lips. The assumption of some people that the longer they stay in cold water in the pool the more cold hardy will they be is odd and can lead to health difficulties (headache, bladder inflammation in women). Each wet cold exposure leads to nose mucous membrane blood vessel paralysis and weakening of the barrier against penetration of pathogenic viruses or bacteria.

Women in sauna

Although sauna taking is not recommended to women during menses, many doctors encourage a short-term soaking of body in case of painful menses.

Sauna and men

Sexual activity is an important part of men’s life. It has been confirmed in practice that this aspect of life improves after sauning. Regular sauna taking proved its remarkable reducing effect on functional sexual disorders.

Sauna taking with children

Before bringing our children to sauna we should get to know all about sauna influence on them, what can benefit them and what is to be avoided so that the sauna positive effect is maximized. If the child does not suffer symptoms of any serious disease and if he or she is able to perform ordinary activities such as exercising, running, swimming, bathing both in hot and cold water, then there is no need to be afraid from the uncommon sauna environment. Child with such skills can take sauna without any fear. Proper sauning normally brings no difficulties to children in good health.

Sauna taking types

Recommended sauna taking procedure ( More info ... )

Sauna ikonka

1. Do not smoke before and directly after sauna! This would reduce the beneficial influence of sauna on your organism. Leave your clothes including jewellery and watch in the locker room. Take only washing aids and two large towels or wipers and bed sheet. If you wish, you can lend slippers.

Sauna ikonka

2. Wash thoroughly wish soap and take a hot shower. Wipe yourselves each time before entering the sauna box.

Sauna ikonka

3. Sit or lie up on your towel on the lower bunk when you are in the sauna box for the first time. The recommended temperature is about 75 °C (approximately 1 meter above floor). Breath only by mouth in the sauna box! Dry air inhaled by nose dries up the mucous membrane and can cause a headache.

Sauna ikonka

4. Wash away the sweat from all your body with hot water after leaving the sauna box.

Sauna ikonka

5. Let your body cool down using cold water from the bucket.

Sauna ikonka

6. If you feel cold, return to the lounge or sauna box. It is recommended to wear slippers so that your feet are not exposed to cold.

Sauna ikonka

7. Wipe yourselves before entering the sauna box again and lie on the upper bunk. Temperatures above 90 °C are not advisable for all people. Expose your feet rather than head to high temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted at your request. The air humidity can be controlled by pouring water (which can be enriched by herbal essence) from the bucket on the stones. Young children should lie on the lower bunk and stay for a shorter time in the sauna box.

Sauna ikonka

8. Wash you hair now before the last entrance in the sauna box.

Sauna ikonka

9. Let your body cool down using cold water from the bucket.

Sauna ikonka

10. Stay without clothes in the lounge. Do not forget to drink.

Sauna ikonka

11. Repeat your body heating/cooling exchange three times if you are not accustomed to other procedure. If sweating persists it is useful to massage your skin by hands, your own brush or sponge-gourd.

Sauna ikonka

12. Take a lukewarm shower without using soap after last heating/cooling.

Sauna ikonka

13. Let your body cool down using cold water from the bucket.

Sauna ikonka

14. Enter the lounge after thorough last cooling of your body, cover up on the couch and take a rest while, for example, listening your favourite music. You can use a positioning couch. You should not disturb the others in the lounge.

Sauna ikonka

15. Drink sugar-free mineral water or natural juices to substitute the fluids sweated out. Alcohol-free beer is also recommended. Intense physical activity should be avoided after sauna. It is recommended to take a walk home where you should apply a cream on your degreased skin. If a sleep follows, a majestic feeling after sauna bath is secured!


Infrasauna is a wooden cabin very similar to the classic sauna. What makes the difference is the heat source. In infrasauna the heat source is infrapanels, also known as infraradiators. Unlike during the classic sauning, in infrasauna our body is heated via radiation which penetrates the superficial tissues. The interaction of radiation with tissues generates radiant heat as a secondary product which heats the infrasauna itself. For that reason infrasaunas should be well ventilated. The infrasauna operating temperature is typically 45 - 60 º C, i.e. much lower and the stay in infrasauna is longer than in the classic sauna with sauna heater. 25 - 45 min stay is recommended. Infrasauna has no other positive effect on health than classic sauna. In case of both saunas the curative factor is heat which differs only in its source and tissue penetration intensity.

Provable infrasauna effects

Effects of infrared radiation on human organism

The heat from infrared system has the following effects:

  1. Increases tissue expansibility. This effect is valuable particularly in case of ligament loads, ligament capsule loads and wounded or non-functional muscles.
  2. Reduces extremity stiffness. Stiff joints and fibrous tissues are relieved from rigidity.
  3. Reduces muscle tension. The muscle tension decreases as a result of heating up although caused by joints and neurological affections.
  4. Alleviates pain. The muscle tension reduction alleviates pain.
  5. Stimulates blood circulation. The heating up of certain parts of body induces the reflexes in other body parts, expands tissues and increases blood circulation.

Cases in which infrasauna taking is recommended against

INFRA sauna price CZK 150 / person + CZK 10 for towel
Sauna capacity: 2 persons

Infrasauna instructions ( More info ... )

Infrasauna can be taken anytime during a day because infraheat has supportive effects on human organism supplying energy and vitality. Man does not feel tired like after classic sauna. Infrasauna enables sauna taking to cardiacs, asthmatics and allergics and is suitable for young children as well as for those who have difficulties to withstand the high temperatures in classic sauna.

Intense sweating cure: 1 to 2 times a week

Total duration of stay in infracabin: 25 - 45 min

At first wash your body with hot water and soap in order to remove the surface impurities which could hamper the sweating and flushing out of harmful toxins.

Take the infrasauna only naked. Wearing bathing suit is inappropriate because the bathing suit textile traps the generated sweat flushing out the harmful toxins from your body which can also result in an allergic skin reaction in areas where your body is covered with the fabric. Relax in infrasauna and sense the curative effects. Quiet contributes to deeper relaxation of the organism.

It is better to sit than lie in infrasauna because the infrared radiation is emitted horizontally and the best effects are achieved if body is heated through uniformly by all infrared radiators.

Use three towels - for sitting, under feet and for wiping the sweat away from your forehead.

Remember to drink in infrasauna. Water promotes the infrared thermal system effects and accelerates intermediary metabolism.

In case of supportive therapy of motion and vascular systems it is important to take hot shower instead of cooling with cold water in order to avoid tissue shrinkage and maximize the relaxing effect.

Do not stay in smoky rooms thereafter. It is best to have a rest for about half an hour and relax your body as far as possible.

A combination with water or classic massage would be an ideal choice.

Sauna rules ( More info ... )

Liability for damage to visitor’s property or health

The only place designed for the storage of personal effects is the locker room. The visitor is obliged to properly store his or her effects in the locker room box. The spa operator shall not be held responsible for any loss/theft of, or damage to, personal effects of the visitors. The visitor is obliged to look about his or her personal effects during his or her stay in the spa.

The visitor is obliged to behave properly in the spa and refrain from any action endangering his or her safety and the safety of others. The visitor acknowledges that the relaxation activities are performed by him or her solely at his or her risk and the spa operator is not liable for any damage or injury to the visitors caused by themselves due to failure to observe the sauna rules or obey the staff instructions. It is recommended by the spa operator to all visitors to consider the fitness of the relaxation activities for their health or consult a doctor before taking sauna.

Children before 15 years of age can enter the spa only if accompanied by a person older than 18 years who is obliged to protect the safety of, and responsible for, the child (children) accompanied by him or her during the spa visit. The spa operator shall not be held responsible for any injury to a child.

Liability for damage to spa operator’s property

The visitor shall be liable for any damage to the spa property caused by his or her wilful act, negligence or omission and obliged to indemnify the spa operator for the damage without  undue delay. Any damage to property or health shall be properly investigated, recorded and evaluated by the spa operator. Municipal police or Police of the Czech Republic or, if necessary, ambulance car shall be called. Injuries are recorded in Accident Logbook, damages to property are recorded in Damage Logbook and Lost and Found Logbook is also kept.

The following persons are prohibited to enter the spa:
Persons suffering a disease which could infect other visitors, i.e. persons with infectious diseases and inflammations, purulent and open wounds and infectious carriers as well as persons in quarantine and members of families or households with other member suffering any infectious disease.

It is strictly prohibited in all spa areas to:

  • make noise, behave in a manner bothering other visitors
  • eat and smoke outside areas reserved therefore
  • contaminate areas reserved for eating and smoking
  • waste water and utilities
  • wilfully damage property
  • stay in the spa outside operating hours
  • enter the spa with animals
  • perform any commercial activity without the prior written consent from the spa operator;
  • handle the spa equipment (heating system, electrical installation, sauna heater, etc.) except for the authorized persons
  • cry, run, bother other visitors or endanger the spa operation in any way
  • wash laundry and other stuff

General safety regulations


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